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What The Word “Bitch” Entails:

From my experience as a 20 year-old living in a patriarchal society men tend to call strong-willed, outspoken, independent women who know what they want out of life a bitch, not a boss, but it basically means the same thing to me, so I’ve learned to wear that title with utmost pride. 


“As a whole, people suck. But a person can be extraordinary”

Jim Butcher  

Ugh can someone invite me to a cocktail party so I can put on a gothic gown with lace, and sip on specialty cocktails? BUT NO, I keep getting invited to house parties with red solo cups, cheap beer, and college students in flannels and body-con skirts grinding all up on each other. Don’t get me wrong I did partake in that college ritual when I was a FRESHMAN, but I’m over it. It sucks that I grew up faster than my peers, because now I gotta make friends with 25+ year olds so I can get invited to flipping cocktail parties where they serve sangrias as bitter as my soul, and as fruity as my personality. 


girls screenshot everything and then send it to their friends in a group chat and then laugh at people and that is why you should never trust us



THAT WAS CRRRRRRRAZY. Pitcher grand slams make my life just a little better. I’m so happy I got to witness that yesterday. 



THAT WAS CRRRRRRRAZY. Pitcher grand slams make my life just a little better. I’m so happy I got to witness that yesterday. 


People of this society disgust me. When I say I become outraged when people complain on the internet about social issues and don’t bother lifting a finger to make a change, this is what I mean. People are all talk, but no action. Everyone wants change, but not a single person is willing to step up and make it happen, yet they are always eager to speak about it, whine about it, complain, and argue. I was once sitting amongst a group of people that were talking about how homeless people in California choose to be homeless, and they make an average amount begging for money, so they would refuse to help the so-called “homeless.”I sat there quietly just observing these people, but I didn’t want to argue with them, because over the years I’ve realized that you can’t change people. People tend to act as if they’ve changed, but inherently they always believe in whatever they’ve always believed in, so instead of trying to teach them how their way of thinking is wrong, I try to take action towards what I think is right and how I think things should be. Basically, this image goes to show that people like to play the hero, pretend to be the savior, act the part, but they never step up when the world actually needs one. 

I like food. Lots of food. I'm weird. I make faces. I'm an observer. I speak my mind. I play the guitar. Kinda. I'm also pretty cocky. Huge baseball fan. love reading. punk rock. Pop Punk. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Random languages. Sarcastic. Snide Comments. I try to be nice. It's just really hard sometimes. I analyze things for no reason. sweet tooth. video games. surfing. Awkward moments. Ranting. And more....


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