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Yo can we talk about how divine mimosas are though?

To the alcoholic that woke up one day thinking: “Heck yeah I’m gonna mix some sparkling white wine with orange juice and drink it for breakfast,” I just want you to know that you’re my hero. I love you and everything you stand for. 



I have zero respect for any woman that says they are anti-feminism. Like, bitch, is you smoking dope? Seriously. If you claim that you don’t stand for gender equality, get the fuck out of my face, and don’t think for one second you’re impressing anyone by rooting for Patriarchy. Pay gap between men and women recently increased. I repeat, INCREASED. We’re literally regressing, and you have these uneducated, uncultured swines making an assertion left and right that feminism is equivalent to misandry. Fuck you. Ugh. This is why we can’t defeat patriarchy no matter how easy it is to overthrow this bullshit concept of men overpowering women. For centuries women have ruled villages, states, empires through men, because believe it or not mental capacity will always overcome physical strength. Why can’t we work together to make it better for everyone? The answer is rather simple. Society has trained us to turn against each other in a snap of a finger. Have you noticed how men become friends so effortlessly?

"Yo what up homie?" 
“‘Sup bruh? Want a beer?” 
"Dude check that ass out, man."

That’s it. That’s how easy it is for them to bond. No hidden agenda. No jealousy. No drama. With women society has built us to compete with one another in every stage of life, and we look to bring each other down instead of building each other up, and I think that’s downright imbecilic. Until women realize that they need each other to progress, there will be no social evolvement taking place, so take that for what it’s worth. 

Yes, I AM bitter that my male co-workers make more than me for the same exact work, and yes, I WILL be sure to display that bitterness openly, and if I get called a bitch for defending my rights, then so be it. I am a bitch. A proud, independent bitch. 

Do you ever get a rush of motivation one second and you’re like: “FUCK YEAH! I’m gonna rule the world, destroy everything in my way, and cross off all of the items on my bucket list,” but an hour later you lose all of that motivation as you lay there with a cold IPA and cheese puffs watching Grease the musical? Because that’s basically my life. 

I just have a lot of feelings.

Dude, isn’t it crazy how the generation Y started feeling the generation gap since we were in middle school? We’re dissed by the baby boomers, and don’t quite understand gen Z since they don’t seem to grasp the beauty of the 90s. We’re realists, because generation X enjoyed the benefits of the economic expansion, and handed us the GDP with trillions of dollars in loans, deficit, and constant economic downturn. Your parents were able to move out by the age of 18-20 and BUY their own property, but now you’re lucky if you can finish college and get a degree with a 4 digit loan. We want instant gratification, because everything is hurried, and we’re forced to live our 30s in our 20s, and 40s in our 30s. It’s rather nerve-racking when you think about how your youth is being stripped away from you. We’re also constantly labeled “lazy,” “generation self-obsessed,” “freeloaders,” etc… When in reality all we’ve ever known to do was compete in the socioeconomic race and pay for your fucking benefits since you all decided to retire at the same fucking time as the economy had just began to recover and the market was still somewhat volatile. We’re criticized for participating in the “hookup culture,” but nobody seems to understand that romanticism, optimism, and all that sappy shit was never a part of our generation’s design. Like I mentioned, we had to be realists to survive, but of course there are always outliers. It’s easier to put your emotions aside when society looks down on them. We’re raised in a world that’s simply a shit show. Baby boomers are the political leaders, executives, decision-makers, and they try to control our every move. Not just that, but they also constantly dictate our future. No fucker, I don’t care that you were raised in a non-tech savvy world and that you went out to socialize with people. It’s your problem you can’t close the generation gap and that you’re technologically illiterate. I don’t care that you don’t support LGBTQIA, PoC and Feminist movements because you were raised thinking the rich, old white man rules the world. I don’t care that you think I’m lazy, self-indulging, and an emotion-less fucking machine, because calling me those things makes you nothing short of a hypocrite. In conclusion, I have nothing against the the generations preceding or succeeding ours, but I’m tired of all of the worthless criticisms we have to endure day in and day out. You’ve already killed our spirit, trust me, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!

It’s funny when people from England wish you a happy 4th of July. Like, helllllooooooo you know what this day signifies right? YOU KNOW YOUR HISTORY RIGHT?! woot?

I’m utterly disgusted by feminist “allies” that are fishing for sympathy and ally cookies for supporting a movement that we shouldn’t have the need to promote in the first place. You want me to equate your struggles and experiences with sexism and gender inequality with mine? Come back to me when you feel afraid to park your car two blocks away, because when you try to go back it will be dark and quiet enough that there is a good possibility you might get kidnapped, raped, and/or murdered. Come back to me when you’re forced to carry a pocket knife, pepper spray, and a rape whistle whilst walking down the street to get home. Come back to me when what you wear dictates your social worth and is deemed sufficient enough to replace verbal consent. Come back to me when your male coworkers offer to walk you to the bus stop, because it’s “a bad part of the town.” Just because your mother, sister, significant other or a woman you once encountered has somehow influenced your views on gender equality, does not mean you’re the primary victim, nor does it entitle you or deserving of praise for supporting basic human rights. 

Ok, cool. Now go shove an ally cookie up your butt. 

Me, myself, and I.

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